Peanuts Christmas Coffee Mug

Charlie Brown and Snoopy enjoy continued popularity and actually rank fourth on T.V. Guide's list of the 60 greatest cartoons of all time.  This popularity ensures them a placement on many popular household items as well as collectibles like these handsome Christmas coffee mugs.

I love the image of Snoopy and his Christmas tree both before and after the winter snow has arrived.

The first mug reads, "There's no sense in barking if you don't really have anything to say."

The second mug reads, "It's nice to wake up in the morning with a feeling of well being."

This mug would be especially fun to use in December but of course true Peanuts would use it all year long. 

It is a great gift idea for a Snoopy fan, even if that fan is you!

To order your Snoopy coffee mug, visit Amazon by clicking right here. You might be pleasantly surprised when you discover how affordable this coffee mug is. We love giving and receiving coffee mugs because they are not only affordable but practical, too.

To see more great Peanuts coffee mug choices, click right here

Merry Christmas!

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