A Few Yummy Baking Recipes From Squidoo

Anyone have a sweet tooth? I discovered a crop of baking pages that I hope you'll enjoy!

RMS' Pretty Springtime Cupcake Recipes is absolutely beautiful! Robin recommends these cupcakes for showers, birthday parties, weddings, and family get togethers. Of course, I'd be happy to eat them anytime!

Unique_freak77's Recipes for Double Chocolate Chip Cookies looks fantastic, too, and offers up ideas for altering the cookies to suit your level of chocolate addiction.

EverythingMouse offers Sesame Street Cakes with a particular emphasis on the beloved character, Sesame Street character, Elmo!

When I first found this lens, AmandaBB was a new member to Squidoo...check out her baking entry, Home Made Apple Crumbs Pie.

Finally, Craftyville, who was also a new lensmaster when I found her page, offered up not one but two cupcake lenses -- one dedicated to Mother's Day Cupcakes and the other to Red Velvet Cupcakes

I'll say goodnight now, leave you with these tasty treats and promise to be back with more!


A Top-Rated Proctor Silex Slow Cooker

I have a large slow cooker, which WAS suitable for my family. However, my family is shrinking and although my eldest son is still living at home he rarely eats supper with us and his younger brother (the big eater) left for university this fall.

The departure of son number 2 means I know that our large slow cooker is too big and I'm considering this Proctor Silex 33015 1.5 quart slow cooker.  It's a round one and a small one, making it ideal for those days when just my husband and I are eating.   I like the size, the price point of UNDER $20 and the Amazon customer reviews, which I rely on whenever I am researching a purchase.

You can read my page dedicated to this small Proctor Silex slow cooker by clicking right here or you can go straight to Amazon to read more by clicking right here.


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Order this small Proctor Silex slow cooker from Amazon.
Read more about the Proctor Silex 33015 1.5-Quart Round Slow Cooker.

Feeling Hungry? Check Out These Great Recipes on Squidoo

Writer KimGiancaterino created Culinary Favorites From A to Z in March, 2008, to showcase new recipes and food pages on Squidoo. She grew it carefully into a group with more than 880 food themed pages, visiting and commenting on every single one. There are so many great recipe pages on Squidooo that it has become impossible to showcase them all on that page and so I thought I'd pick a few to share with you today.

Monarch13's Kitchen Decorating with Chili Peppers ~ Muy Caliente
is a feast for the eyes AND tells you how to roast peppers if you've ever wanted to try doing so.

Ramkitten's Huevos Rancheros: Breakfast (Or Dinner) At Our House is a lens PACKED with personal writing and homemade photos. I've invited myself over for eggs!

A fan of before and after photos? Well then you'll want to check out Stargazer's Greek Roasted Chicken! The photos definitely sold me on this recipe!

Squidoo newcomer LauraFincannon's Beignet - French Doughnuts  is a yummy look at French doughnuts.

ArtSiren tells you how to make your own curry powder! If you are a fan of curries, making your own powder makes sense.

I'll leave you with these tasty pages  to think about and promise to be back with more!


Make Coffee With A French Press

This weekend, we purchased a Bodum Chambord French Press coffee maker. My husband had fond memories of a tiny french press style coffeemaker he had owned previously and so we picked this Bodum up to try out while we had extra coffee drinkers visiting for the weekend.

Well, it turned out that making French Press coffee is very EASY and the result was a delicious cup of coffee. Our new 3-cup Bodum is definitely a keeper. It made three smallish cups of coffee, which was enough to give each of our house guests a taste, but it will actually be perfect for when we are home alone since I don't drink coffee and it will yield about two generous cups of coffee for my husband.

Bodum is actually a well-made brand of French Press coffee maker. It is one of Starbuck's recommended presses and is widely available in three sizes including 3-cups, 8-cups and 12-cups, so you can pick your press according to how much coffee you want to be able to make at a time.

To find the recipe and instructions we used this weekend to brew our coffee, visit my new page How To Make Coffee With A French Press.

To order your own French Press coffee maker directly from Amazon where it is on sale and eligible for FREE shipping, click here.

And, no matter how you make it, here's to a great cuppa coffee!


Martha Stewart's Halloween Magazines

Fans of Martha Stewart will enjoy any and all of her Halloween magazines.

Martha's Halloween Handbook for 2010 was a ‘best of,’ perfect for anyone beginning their collection of Martha's Halloween magazines.

The 2011 issue has already been on the newsstands and may have come and gone by now.   However, it is still available through enterprising sellers on my index page, which contains not only the 2011 issue but ALL OF THE ISSUES right back to 1997.

A Decade Of Martha Stewart Halloween Magazines will help you source any issue that you are missing. If you have managed to miss this year's issue, you will also find sources to buy it right there on that page.

Happy Hauntings!

Check out more than A Decade Of Martha Stewart Halloween Magazines.

An Interesting Page of Mushroom Facts

If you are looking for the facts about mushrooms, you will want to check out the page, Mushrooms, Mushrooms and Mushrooms by Kathy. (Kathy writes under the name awelldressedbullet.)

On her page, Kathy shares a wealth of information about mushrooms. She starts with a discussion some of the different types of mushrooms, including white button, crimini brown, portabella, shiitake and oyster. She shares a helpful introduction to mushrooms video plus textual information on how to select mushrooms and how to handle them as well as a nutritional breakdown.

Do you know what nutrients are found in mushrooms? Read more on Kathy's page by clicking right here.


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Order The Complete Mushroom Book from Amazon.
See Amazon's complete collection of mushroom cookbooks.

Do Your Haunting in A Halloween Apron

Wow! If you haven't already seen them you need to look quickly before the drop dead gorgeous Halloween aprons, and Halloween, are gone.  What better 'costume' than a Halloween apron? They're perfect for putting you in the spirit, they're inexpensive and they're practical. What more could you ask?

If you are interested in buying a Halloween apron for yourself or some other Halloween fan in your life, you'll find a large selection of beautiful Halloween aprons from eBay and Amazon and from the talented people at Flickr on my page, Do Your Haunting In A Halloween Apron.    If you would rather, you can go directly to Amazon to see their Halloween aprons by clicking right here.

Until next time,
I wish you Happy Haunting!


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Amazon's Halloween Aprons.
My page full of Halloween Aprons.

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