Disney's The Swedish Chef Vinylmation Figure

One of my favorite Muppet characters is The Swedish Chef, depicted here in his Vinylmation form.

Disney's Vinylmation characters are built around Mickey Mouse's body type but are not intended to look like Mickey Mouse dressed up as the character they depict. Rather they are designed to share the story (or sometimes the place) of the character depicted.

Originally created to be purchased and traded within the Disney theme parks, the Vinylmation figures are, of course, available online now from Amazon by clicking right here.

I would love to add the Swedish Chef to my kitchen. How about you? Are you a fan of the Swedish Chef, even if you do not emulate his cooking techniques?


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Learn more about The Muppets Vinylmation figures.
Order The Swedish Chef Vinylmation figure from Amazon.

Company's Coming Cookbooks

Since 1981, Jean Pare and her staff have published more than 75 cookbooks and sold more than 26 million copies of them.  They have covered almost every subject related to cooking and even ventured beyond the kitchen.

If you are a fan and want to know a bit more about the Company's Coming cookbooks or you are learning about Jean Pare for the first time, you will enjoy visiting my page about the company by clicking here. My hope is that my page about the company will help people learn about it and help them find a copy of a cookbook that they are searching for.

Note that in addition to writing that page about the cookbooks, I sell both new and used copies in my eBay store’s Cookbook Section.

Culinary Favorites From A to Z

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If Company's Coming, Use Jean Pares' Cookbooks.
See what Company's Coming books are listed in my eBay store right now.
Order your copy of Chicken Now from Amazon.

Decorate Your Kitchen With The Sunny Colours of Sunflowers

Love sunflowers? You might want to consider decorating your kitchen with the sunny sunflower (or maybe you already do.)

The sunflower is an extremely easy item to decorate with because there is so much great merchandise available, from some pretty fabulous pieces of art to some lovely sunflower-themed kitchenware.

However, we encourage you to take the sunflower theme one step farther and incorporate items that do not actually display the sunflower but instead are simply the rich, warm tones of a sunflower, like the beautiful sunflower colored Kitchenaid stand mixer shown here.

Everyone who does not have one wants a Kitchenaid stand mixer and this is a fabulous opportunity to bring the beauty and the warmth of the sunflower into your kitchen.

There are actually three Kitchenaid stand mixers available that we consider sunflower colored and Kitchenaid calls those colors Tangerine, Yellow Pepper and Buttercup. We love the tangerine mixer show here and we all know you can really bake with this workhorse in your kitchen. (You can learn more about this mixer on Amazon by clicking right here.)

What do you think? Would this Kitchenaid mixer be the perfect accessory for a sunflower themed kitchen?

Culinary Favorites From A to Z

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A page full of sunny sunflower decorating ideas.
A Kitchenaid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer Review.
Buy Kitchenaid's Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer from Amazon.

Who Wouldn't Love To Shop at Lego's Green Grocer Grocery Store?

Culinary Favorites From A to Z is a blog dedicated to the best-ever recipes, top-rated kitchen tools, best-selling cookbooks and Lego...

Lego? Well sure it is now that I have discovered this amazing Lego Green Grocer kit. Kit number 10185 is a supermarket of the old-fashioned sort, in miniature of course. It is a supermarket that can be built according to plan or customized to suit the individual shopper.

With 2,352 pieces, this grocery store set is definitely for the advanced or adult Lego builder and Lego actually recommends it for individuals who are 16 years old and up.

The Lego Green Grocer supermarket has a vintage city feel that I love, which is unlike the suburban choices I have at which to buy my groceries. The set includes the building and the contents right down to a cash register, four minifigures and bins for bread, vegetables and fruit.

Don't you wish you had a Green Grocer like this one to buy your groceries at?

See you
in the kitchen
(or at the green grocer's!)

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Read more about the Lego Green Grocer on Amazon.

Baking One-Bite Brownies This Afternoon

Off to make a couple of batches of the best-ever one-bite brownies this afternoon so there's no time to write a post, making this image perfect for a Wordless (almost) Wednesday post. One-Bite Brownies are a family favorite and a must have on our Christmas cookie plate.

See you
in the kitchen!

Find our one-bite brownie recipe here.

The New Joy of Cooking Cookbook

The Joy of Cooking is one of those classic cookbooks no kitchen should be without.  I have one in my kitchen and when I want to know a basic cooking recipe or technique, it is the book I turn to first.

I won't tell you what version of this iconic cookbook is in my kitchen but I will share with you this bright, shiny and new 2006 edition.

The New York Times calls The Joy of Cooking
"one of the most important and influential books of the twentieth century."

Paula Deen calls it "a must-have for the kitchen."

I love the fact that it has been brought up to date so that it can continue to be used in the kitchens of today's generation of cooks.

Here is a video peek at what went into the newest version of The Joy of Cooking:

See you
in the kitchen!

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Order your copy of The Joy of Cooking from Amazon.

Love Christmas M&M Cookies But Hard Finding Christmas M&Ms 2011

One of my family's favorite Christmas cookies is the M&M cookie made with Christmas colored M&Ms.

Would you believe I'm having a hard time finding them this year?  I passed on them once at a local retailer when I saw that they were more expensive than the regular M&Ms in part because I have always been able to find them on sale before Christmas but that was a mistake, and now I am Christmas M&M-less.

My family of cookie loving men is sure to be disappointed. Heck, I'm disappointed.

I live in Canada and cannot order them from Amazon so if you live in the U.S., consider yourself lucky, order your Christmas colored M&Ms now from Amazon by clicking right here, print the best M&M Cookie recipe by clicking here and get baking your M&M cookies.

See you
in the kitchen!

Our Banana Bread Recipe Secrets

One of my family's favorite recipes is our banana bread recipe.  We always keep some 'spare' bananas in the freezer to be ready for the day when we want to make banana bread.

By 'spare' bananas, I mean overripe ones that don't get eaten up in time.  I simply peel them and throw them in a plastic bag or container and into the freezer.

That's Secret Number 1, by the way.  Never use fresh bananas. Always use overripe ones that have been frozen.  They won't be pretty but they will be full of flavour to help make your banana bread delicious.

Oh, and I see that I've already given you Secret Number 2, which is to freeze your bananas peeled.  That makes using them so EASY. Just pull them out of the freezer and defrost and you are ready to go.

Secret Number 3 is the hardest secret. Never, ever eat your banana bread on the day you make it.  Banana bread is one of those foods that is simply BETTER the next day.  We are pretty good with this rule because we know what a difference it makes in flavour.

Perhaps my family's favorite secret is Secret Number 4 -- MAKE TWO.  If you only make one, well it is gone in the blink of an eye. If you make two, there's more for later.  I always try to freeze one for a rainy day...but it is not always that easy to get away with hiding one around my house.

If you want to put these banana bread secrets to good use in the best banana bread recipe you will ever find, check out my banana bread recipe by clicking right here.

By the way, if you are looking for more banana recipes, Go Bananas, the cookbook that I used to illustrate this page, has a near perfect five-star Amazon customer review and is deeply discounted at less than $5. To check it out on Amazon, click here.

See you
in the kitchen!

Personalized World's Best Cook Apron

Rewards4Life personalized an apron just for me. Well, actually, they designed the image and through the magic of Zazzle, anyone can alter their design quickly and easily to create a personalized apron for whoever is the cook in their life.  I love this design and the fact that it can have my name on it. It would make a wonderful gift idea for anyone who spends time in the kitchen cooking.


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Order your personalized apron from Zazzle.

How To Organize Your Recipes

If you are like me, your recipes may be a bit out of control. Once upon a time, I had mine all nicely organized in a simple blue binder but now, due to the fact that I have an ever growing collection of favorites and perhaps because I do not put my recipes away when I am finished with them, they are not quite so organized.

My friend Susan has written a page called Collecting and Organizing Family Favorite Recipes, which shares a few greet ways to get organized as well as a few links to her favorite recipes, available online. If you do take a peek, check out Susan's poll about how people organize their recipes. It is noteworthy that the most votes goes to, "Sort of. They're here and there. I can find the recipe I'm looking for most of the time."  That's where I would vote, except I have to admit that occasionally I lose a recipe.

I love the customizable binder (shown here) that Susan found from the artists at Zazzle. In about a minute, I customized it with our family name...and I like that it can even have a picture of the cook on the front, making it a great gift for a Mom or Grandma.  I have not ordered mine yet but I am thinking that having such an attractive binder would be a little added inspiration for me to put the recipe away when I am done with it...

How about you? Are you recipes organized and easy to find? What method do you use to store your favorites?


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Visit Susan's page about collecting and organizing recipes.
Order your personalized recipe binder from Zazzle.

The Best-Ever BBQ Turkey Recipe is EASY and DELICIOUS

If you are looking for a simple way to cook your turkey, you might just want to consider putting it on the BBQ. I actually prefer grilling my turkeys. They seem to cook quickly and to deliver a moist tasting bird.

We sometimes BBQ a turkey in the summer, often BBQ one at Thanksgiving and occasionally BBQ one at Christmas. However, we live in Canada so that last one is somewhat dependent on both the weather and my mood.

For simple instructions on how to BBQ a turkey, visit The Best-Ever BBQ Turkey Recipe.  It really is almost effortless to cook a turkey this way.


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The Best-Ever Easy BBQ Turkey Recipe.

The Looneyspoons Collection (2011): A New Cookbook from Janet and Greta Podleski

The Looneyspoons Collection is the fourth cookbook by Janet and Greta Podleski.  It has been a while since the release of the last cookbook and it is exciting to see the 'ladies' back with another book.

The first two books, Looneyspoons and Crazy Plates, are out of print despite being much sought after, because the authors felt that some of the food information and recipes were out-of-date.

The new book, therefore, is a 'collection' of sorts. It includes some of the original recipes from the first three cookbooks and some new recipes. However, the recipes carried forward from the previous cookbooks have been updated to include current information and healthy eating choices.

I smiled when I read the recommendation on the cover from Alfreda Podleski. She said, "This is the best cookbook ever written." Alfreda, by the way, is Janet and Greta Podleski's mom.  She may be biased but, knowing how well received the first three Podleski sister cookbooks were, this one is probably one we will come to know and love, too.

I am looking forward to working my way through this book and to gifting it to two cookbook-loving family members this Christmas.  If you know someone who loved the first three books, you might wish to give them a copy of this new cookbook, too.


Order your copy of The Looneyspoons Collection from Amazon.com.
Order your copy of The Looneyspoons Collection from Amazon.ca.

The Muppets' Swedish Chef: How To Cook A Turkey

The Swedish Chef certainly puts a new spin on things...and I could not believe my eyes when I saw how he was going to cook his Thanksgiving turkey...

Believe it or not, I was interrupted by my son midway through the video and I did not get to see the successful ending...

I hope this lesson from The Swedish Chef brought a smile to your face as it did mine when I was finally able to see the conclusion.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Art Print of The Swedish Chef available on Amazon.

Amazon Black Friday Week Deals For The Kitchen

If you are planning on gifting someone in your life with a kitchen item this Christmas, you might want to check out Amazon's Black Friday specials.  However, don't wait until Black Friday to do so because Amazon is already running specials, each day from now until the end of the week.

I took a peek just now and see that they have some 'lightning' deals -- ones that last a very short time -- as well as other sales that last longer than that, which include items like professional knives, Kitchenaid mixers and Amana kitchen appliances.

Prices seem to be very good and never forget the power of Amazon's FREE shipping offer, which saves you from going to the store, parking, locating what you want (if it is available) and standing in line.

You can check out Amazon's current Black Friday kitchenwares sale by clicking right here.

Happy Shopping!

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Check out Amazon's Black Friday kitchen specials by clicking right here.

Safety In The Kitchen With Kermit The Frog and the Swedish Chef

Kermit The Frog is everywhere these days. He is busy travelling the globe (or so it would seem) promoting the new 2011 Muppet movie, The Muppets.

Kermit co-stars in this short video with the Swedish Chef. Kermit shares a few safety tips and the Swedish Chef , naturally demonstrates what NOT to do, LOL.

The tips, by the way, are serious and basic ones.

Be safe
in the kitchen.

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Pour your next cup of coffee in a Kermit the Frog coffee mug.
Order this Swedish Chef Christmas ornament from Amazon.

A Thanksgiving Movie List For You

If you are looking for a Thanksgiving movie, I am thrilled to be able to tell you that I have discovered a few. From An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving to Pieces of April and What's Cooking, there is a holiday themed movie available for you.

I enjoyed Pieces of April, although it was a gritty, dark movie.

I also enjoyed What's Cooking, which followed the antics of four American families as they prepare for their very individual Thanksgiving dinners.

To see a longer list of Thanksgiving movies, simply click here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Quick Link: A Thanksgiving Movie List (2011)

A Novelty Thanksgiving Apron and More

Just when I thought Halloween was over, I stumbled across this most unusual novelty Thanksgiving apron. It is not a traditional Thanksgiving apron but it is fun and perfect for anyone who wants to be a bit different and stand out from the crowd.

If it is a more traditional Thanksgiving apron that you are looking for, don't despair for I've assembled a collection on my page, This Fall Harvest A Thanksgiving Apron and you will, no doubt, love the selection for there is a Thanksgiving apron there for everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Order this novelty Thanksgiving apron.
Visit my page, a cornucopia of Thanksgiving aprons.

The Best-Ever Glazed Baked Ham Recipe

It's been a little while since we've had the best-ever glazed baked ham. Not because we could not eat it every day but rather because we consider ham to be a 'treat' type of food. After all, ham is not particularly lean.

So we save our baked hams for special occasions like New Years Day and Easter.  I notice now that my children are grown, I receive requests for baked ham on birthdays and the other occasion that we love to serve a baked ham is in the summertime, cooked in advance with a side of potato salad. Ordinarily, we eat our baked ham with a scalloped potato and we use the ham to wipe up every morsel of the sauce from the potatoes.

It is hard to believe that Halloween is gone and it is now time to turn our thoughts to Christmas but it is. I will be watching the local grocery store flyers for a sale on smoked pork picnic bone shoulder ham and then I will tuck it away and anticipate the arrival of New Year's Day...


Quick Link:

The Best-Ever Glazed Baked Ham Recipe

The Best-Ever Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

If you are looking for a delicious recipe for scalloped potatoes, you might consider my best-ever scalloped potato recipe. It is not hard, but then again scalloped potatoes are not usually hard, but it does take a bit of time to peel and slice the potatoes and then a while to cook in the oven.

The result? Well, it is delicious. Even my sister-in-law, who does not like scalloped potatoes, likes these ones.

My recipe is not a lighthearted version. It features chicken broth and cream and is a full-flavored, company pleasing dish which qualifies as good old-fashioned comfort food.

If you're looking for more great potato recipes, check out The Ultimate Potato Book by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough.

Sound good to you?


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The Best-Ever Creamy Scalloped Potatoes Recipe.
Perfect served with The Best-Ever Glazed Baked Ham.

Starbucks New Blonde Roast Coffee 2012

Coffee lovers in North America who prefer a slightly lighter coffee roast can look forward to the introduction next year of a new coffee that Starbucks is calling Blonde.

This Veranda Blend is Starbucks' response to research that indicates that 40 percent of U.S. coffee drinkers actually would prefer a lighter coffee and that a whopping 70 percent of coffee sold in grocery stores is a light or medium roast.

If you are interested, you will find more details on my page about the introduction of this new blend, The New Starbucks Roast Coffee Blend and you might find this trailer, which introduces the new blend, worth watching:


Quick Link:

The New Starbucks Blonde Coffee Roast.

A Great Collection of Zombie Coffee Mugs

As Halloween 2011 draws nearer and nearer, I notice that so are the Zombies drawing nearer and nearer. As a matter of fact, this year they are absolutely everywhere, including on the wonderful collection of Zombie mugs that I gathered for Zombie lovers on this page.

The Zombie coffee mug that I have chosen to feature here is not too scary and a somewhat fun take on the brain-eating Zombie. My husband looked at it over my shoulder and said right away that he wanted it. It is available directly from the artist who created it, Shellypint, on Zazzle by clicking here.

Whatever you choose to serve your witches brew up in, I hope you have your Halloween decorations out and that you are busy in the kitchen preparing some of your CULINARY FAVORITES for Halloween 2011.


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Click here to order this Zombie Coffee Mug from Zazzle.
Or here to see a wide selection of Zombie Coffee Mugs.

A Delicious Cranberry Coffee Cake Recipe

Fall seems to be the perfect time for our cranberrry coffee cake although if you love cranberries and you love coffeecake, there's no reason you could not bake one of these easy-to-make treats at any time of the year.

I keep cranberries frozen in my freezer all year long and we always enjoy this cake when it is fall, at Christmas or when we are having morning company. We serve it with boiled eggs, fruit, yogurt and cheese for a very nice, easy breakfast.

You'll find the recipe and all the instructions at my page, The Best-Ever Cranberry Coffee Cake.


Quick Link:

The Best-Ever Cranberry Coffee Cake.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook & Recipes

I have done a lot of Harry Potter reading and writing over the past year and I remember how excited I was when I first stumbled across the new cookbook, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook by Dinah Bucholz. As someone who spent years looking for Harry Potter recipes, I was very excited about this cookbook.

The publication date was September 18, 2010 and the price at under $15 was pretty reasonable. If you would like to read a bit more about the cookbook please visit my page about The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook by clicking right here.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Do you have any Harry Potter recipes to recommend?  I am hoping to get around to making chocolate frogs one of these days...

A Harry Potter Fan

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Order your copy of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook.

Carl Wagner Food Landscapes 2014 Food Calendar

If you love food and you love great photography, you are bound to enjoy this 2014 calendar, Carl Wagner Food Landscapes, and the collection of images that is shared throughout the year.

Carl Wagner works in advertising for numerous companies in London, England, creating landscapes out of food and then photographing them. As Amazon says, his work is not eye candy but rather, an entire meal.

You will love the unique feast that Carl Wagner shares within this calendar.


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A Few Yummy Baking Recipes From Squidoo

Anyone have a sweet tooth? I discovered a crop of baking pages that I hope you'll enjoy!

RMS' Pretty Springtime Cupcake Recipes is absolutely beautiful! Robin recommends these cupcakes for showers, birthday parties, weddings, and family get togethers. Of course, I'd be happy to eat them anytime!

Unique_freak77's Recipes for Double Chocolate Chip Cookies looks fantastic, too, and offers up ideas for altering the cookies to suit your level of chocolate addiction.

EverythingMouse offers Sesame Street Cakes with a particular emphasis on the beloved character, Sesame Street character, Elmo!

When I first found this lens, AmandaBB was a new member to Squidoo...check out her baking entry, Home Made Apple Crumbs Pie.

Finally, Craftyville, who was also a new lensmaster when I found her page, offered up not one but two cupcake lenses -- one dedicated to Mother's Day Cupcakes and the other to Red Velvet Cupcakes

I'll say goodnight now, leave you with these tasty treats and promise to be back with more!


A Top-Rated Proctor Silex Slow Cooker

I have a large slow cooker, which WAS suitable for my family. However, my family is shrinking and although my eldest son is still living at home he rarely eats supper with us and his younger brother (the big eater) left for university this fall.

The departure of son number 2 means I know that our large slow cooker is too big and I'm considering this Proctor Silex 33015 1.5 quart slow cooker.  It's a round one and a small one, making it ideal for those days when just my husband and I are eating.   I like the size, the price point of UNDER $20 and the Amazon customer reviews, which I rely on whenever I am researching a purchase.

You can read my page dedicated to this small Proctor Silex slow cooker by clicking right here or you can go straight to Amazon to read more by clicking right here.


Quick Links:

Order this small Proctor Silex slow cooker from Amazon.
Read more about the Proctor Silex 33015 1.5-Quart Round Slow Cooker.

Feeling Hungry? Check Out These Great Recipes on Squidoo

Writer KimGiancaterino created Culinary Favorites From A to Z in March, 2008, to showcase new recipes and food pages on Squidoo. She grew it carefully into a group with more than 880 food themed pages, visiting and commenting on every single one. There are so many great recipe pages on Squidooo that it has become impossible to showcase them all on that page and so I thought I'd pick a few to share with you today.

Monarch13's Kitchen Decorating with Chili Peppers ~ Muy Caliente
is a feast for the eyes AND tells you how to roast peppers if you've ever wanted to try doing so.

Ramkitten's Huevos Rancheros: Breakfast (Or Dinner) At Our House is a lens PACKED with personal writing and homemade photos. I've invited myself over for eggs!

A fan of before and after photos? Well then you'll want to check out Stargazer's Greek Roasted Chicken! The photos definitely sold me on this recipe!

Squidoo newcomer LauraFincannon's Beignet - French Doughnuts  is a yummy look at French doughnuts.

ArtSiren tells you how to make your own curry powder! If you are a fan of curries, making your own powder makes sense.

I'll leave you with these tasty pages  to think about and promise to be back with more!


Make Coffee With A French Press

This weekend, we purchased a Bodum Chambord French Press coffee maker. My husband had fond memories of a tiny french press style coffeemaker he had owned previously and so we picked this Bodum up to try out while we had extra coffee drinkers visiting for the weekend.

Well, it turned out that making French Press coffee is very EASY and the result was a delicious cup of coffee. Our new 3-cup Bodum is definitely a keeper. It made three smallish cups of coffee, which was enough to give each of our house guests a taste, but it will actually be perfect for when we are home alone since I don't drink coffee and it will yield about two generous cups of coffee for my husband.

Bodum is actually a well-made brand of French Press coffee maker. It is one of Starbuck's recommended presses and is widely available in three sizes including 3-cups, 8-cups and 12-cups, so you can pick your press according to how much coffee you want to be able to make at a time.

To find the recipe and instructions we used this weekend to brew our coffee, visit my new page How To Make Coffee With A French Press.

To order your own French Press coffee maker directly from Amazon where it is on sale and eligible for FREE shipping, click here.

And, no matter how you make it, here's to a great cuppa coffee!


Martha Stewart's Halloween Magazines

Fans of Martha Stewart will enjoy any and all of her Halloween magazines.

Martha's Halloween Handbook for 2010 was a ‘best of,’ perfect for anyone beginning their collection of Martha's Halloween magazines.

The 2011 issue has already been on the newsstands and may have come and gone by now.   However, it is still available through enterprising sellers on my index page, which contains not only the 2011 issue but ALL OF THE ISSUES right back to 1997.

A Decade Of Martha Stewart Halloween Magazines will help you source any issue that you are missing. If you have managed to miss this year's issue, you will also find sources to buy it right there on that page.

Happy Hauntings!

Check out more than A Decade Of Martha Stewart Halloween Magazines.

An Interesting Page of Mushroom Facts

If you are looking for the facts about mushrooms, you will want to check out the page, Mushrooms, Mushrooms and Mushrooms by Kathy. (Kathy writes under the name awelldressedbullet.)

On her page, Kathy shares a wealth of information about mushrooms. She starts with a discussion some of the different types of mushrooms, including white button, crimini brown, portabella, shiitake and oyster. She shares a helpful introduction to mushrooms video plus textual information on how to select mushrooms and how to handle them as well as a nutritional breakdown.

Do you know what nutrients are found in mushrooms? Read more on Kathy's page by clicking right here.


Quick Links:

Mushrooms, Mushrooms and Mushrooms.
Order The Complete Mushroom Book from Amazon.
See Amazon's complete collection of mushroom cookbooks.

Do Your Haunting in A Halloween Apron

Wow! If you haven't already seen them you need to look quickly before the drop dead gorgeous Halloween aprons, and Halloween, are gone.  What better 'costume' than a Halloween apron? They're perfect for putting you in the spirit, they're inexpensive and they're practical. What more could you ask?

If you are interested in buying a Halloween apron for yourself or some other Halloween fan in your life, you'll find a large selection of beautiful Halloween aprons from eBay and Amazon and from the talented people at Flickr on my page, Do Your Haunting In A Halloween Apron.    If you would rather, you can go directly to Amazon to see their Halloween aprons by clicking right here.

Until next time,
I wish you Happy Haunting!


Quick Links:

Amazon's Halloween Aprons.
My page full of Halloween Aprons.

The Best Banana Bread Recipe

You can never have too many over-ripe bananas, at least not in my family for the presence of over-ripe bananas means they will make their way into the freezer to be frozen and later emerge to become the 'secret' ingredient in the best banana bread recipe ever.

The best-ever banana bread is extremely easy to make. As a matter of fact, my teenagers have been making it since they were children.

The best-ever banana bread is also extremely delicious. So delicious in fact, that we are unwilling to try any other banana bread recipe.

How about you? Are you willing to give a new banana loaf recipe a try? You will find my recipe right here.


Quick Links:

The Best-Ever Banana Bread Recipe.
Read more about Nordic Ware's awesome banana bread pan on Amazon.

Note: As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.