Decorate Your Kitchen With The Sunny Colours of Sunflowers

Love sunflowers? You might want to consider decorating your kitchen with the sunny sunflower (or maybe you already do.)

The sunflower is an extremely easy item to decorate with because there is so much great merchandise available, from some pretty fabulous pieces of art to some lovely sunflower-themed kitchenware.

However, we encourage you to take the sunflower theme one step farther and incorporate items that do not actually display the sunflower but instead are simply the rich, warm tones of a sunflower, like the beautiful sunflower colored Kitchenaid stand mixer shown here.

Everyone who does not have one wants a Kitchenaid stand mixer and this is a fabulous opportunity to bring the beauty and the warmth of the sunflower into your kitchen.

There are actually three Kitchenaid stand mixers available that we consider sunflower colored and Kitchenaid calls those colors Tangerine, Yellow Pepper and Buttercup. We love the tangerine mixer show here and we all know you can really bake with this workhorse in your kitchen. (You can learn more about this mixer on Amazon by clicking right here.)

What do you think? Would this Kitchenaid mixer be the perfect accessory for a sunflower themed kitchen?

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  1. What a beautiful mixer! I hadn't really thought about pulling those sunflower colors out of artwork that I like and using those for small appliances, but it's a great idea!

  2. Obviously, I agree, Susan! Wonder what colors you will be using in your new kitchen.


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