Who Wouldn't Love To Shop at Lego's Green Grocer Grocery Store?

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Lego? Well sure it is now that I have discovered this amazing Lego Green Grocer kit. Kit number 10185 is a supermarket of the old-fashioned sort, in miniature of course. It is a supermarket that can be built according to plan or customized to suit the individual shopper.

With 2,352 pieces, this grocery store set is definitely for the advanced or adult Lego builder and Lego actually recommends it for individuals who are 16 years old and up.

The Lego Green Grocer supermarket has a vintage city feel that I love, which is unlike the suburban choices I have at which to buy my groceries. The set includes the building and the contents right down to a cash register, four minifigures and bins for bread, vegetables and fruit.

Don't you wish you had a Green Grocer like this one to buy your groceries at?

See you
in the kitchen
(or at the green grocer's!)

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