Free Je T'Aime Coffee Cup Wrapper Printable For Valentine's Day

How cool is this free Je T'Aime coffee cup wrapper printable? Too cool, though cool might be the wrong word to use in association with a coffee cup, LOL.

We love that it's a FREE printable that you can use to show the one you love that you care.

We love that there is both a female and a male version available so that you can use the one that fits your personal situation.

We love, of course, the fact that it celebrates the humble little coffee cup.

Dress up your loved one's coffee on Valentine's Day or any day for that matter, with this coffee cup wrapper from blogger Eat, Drink, Chic.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Valentine's Day Gift Idea For Young Men

We were invited to my son's apartment for supper tonight so while we were there, I took a wee survey, inspired as I was by something I saw in the newspaper about the way to a man's heart at Valentine's Day.

The poll was a simple question and was posed to three under 22 year olds.

"Which would you choose if you were offered the choice between a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a heart-shaped pizza?"

Can you guess what they chose? It came as no surprise to me!

So if you looking for a great gift idea for a young man this Valentine's Day, you might want to consider the results of my survey as indicated in the image on this page.  It's pizza every time!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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Image of a heart-shaped pizza is a canvas print by Garry Day.

The Swedish Chef On How To Open Champagne

If you're thinking of a romantic Valentine's Day dinner for your loved one this year, you won't want to ask the Swedish Chef to open the champagne unless, of course, it is a laugh you are after. His technique is well, not great and the result entertaining but perhaps painful for the Swedish Chef.

If you are really looking for guidance on how to open a bottle of champagne and to do so safely, you can read this article from U.S.A. Today.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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