Joy of Cooking Gift Ideas

The Joy of Cooking was and continues to be quite possibly one of the most important and influential books of the twentieth century. It is certainly that in the cookbook world.

It would be of no surprise then to discover that fans can celebrate the iconic cookbook, originally written by Irma Rombauer in 1936, by wearing an apron, carrying a tote bag and even by using a kitchen towel.

I think any of these items would be a great gift idea for someone who has long treasured their copy of the Joy of Cooking. A copy of the new version of the Joy of Cooking cookbook combined with any or all of these items would also make a fantastic gift idea for someone setting up home for the first time or maybe even for someone who is looking to update their original copy of the book.

What about you? Do you use the Joy of Cooking? Would you like to own this apron?

See you in the kitchen!


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