Smoothies and Juices Jigsaw Puzzle

Smoothies and Juices Puzzle

Eurographics does it again! I previously featured their beautiful and delicious Halloween Treats jigsaw puzzle and today, I discovered this wonderful Smoothies and Juices Puzzle. Both puzzles feature 1,000 pieces and both feature yummy treats though this one, of course, features a healthier treat. Included with the puzzle is one actual recipe. 

Recommended for individuals aged 9 and up, this puzzle measures 19.25 inches by 26.5 inches when finished. It is made in the United States and produced from recycled board and vegetable based ink.

As Eurographics says, you don't have to go to the juice bar to enjoy a delicious assortment of smoothies and juice! Yummy. 

If you had your choice of any drink in image, what would you choose? I would take the pineapple based smoothie, please. You can find this Smoothie and Juice puzzle on Amazon by clicking right here.

See you in the kitchen!

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If you love smoothies and homemade fruit juice and you enjoy working a jigsaw puzzle, you will enjoy this Smoothies and Juices themed jigsaw puzzle!

Pressure Cooker T-Shirt

Pressure Cooker T-Shirt

I love it and, if you love your Instant Pot, you will love this t-shirt, too. It's not official merchandise but alludes to a connection with the mighty pot via the illustration of the vent on the pot.

The actual Instant Pot was one of the most popular gifts of the year this year (2017) and yes, I received one from Santa at Christmas. I am enjoying playing with it but I have not found time to write a decent post about it yet so in the meantime, I thought I'd share this t-shirt with you.

Instant Pot fanatics are being called Pot Heads and yes, there is some merchandise with that reference, too though I prefer this t-shirt, which reads, "Sometimes you just gotta blow off some steam."

My successes with the trendy pot so far have included creamy hot chocolate and mashed potatoes. Needing tweaks are the turkey soup and roast chicken I attempted. Stay tuned!

If you're 'digging' your pot, you'll dig this t-shirt from Savvy Scribbler Gear on Etsy.  Find it by clicking right here. It's available in a variety of sizes and colors as well as shirts for men and women.

See you
in the kitchen!

Find this pressure cooker t-shirt on Etsy.

All I Want for Christmas is a 6 Quart Instant Pot Duo Pressure Cooker!

All that I want for Christmas is an Instant Pot, LOL. I do not jest. I want to have one of these pots to play with in my kitchen. I have followed with interest the hype. As a resident of Canada, it is only a bonus that the newfangled kitchen appliance is a Canadian success story that was developed by a local Ottawa native.

Size was an important consideration and I have actually seen people in the stores debating which size to buy. I will say that I am curious about the 8 quart pot because it will cook two whole chickens at a time. However, as empty nesters, that choice really is not the smart one so my wish is for the 6 quart pot that will cook one whole chicken, which is more than ample for the two of us. I also have decided that I do not need the smart functions like being able to run the Instant Pot from my phone.

Of course, this small kitchen appliance will do much more than cook a chicken. It functions as a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, a yogurt maker, a warmer and it will even sauté.

Here's the Instant Pot story:

As the video says, this item is posed to sell in large volumes going into Christmas this year. If you want one, be sure to check Amazon where it is firmly placed near the top of Amazon's movers and shakers in the kitchen list. It is an excellent gift idea for anyone who likes adventures in the kitchen and who loves the idea of putting dinner on the table quickly. You can learn more or order yours on Amazon by clicking right here.

I am pretty sure that I will have an Instant Pot under my Christmas tree since surely Santa must be reading my blog. How about you? Have you purchased your Instant Pot yet or put one on your Christmas wish list? If you have one, do you like it?

See you
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Yum and Yummer Greta Podleski New Cookbook (2017)

Yum & Yummer: Ridiculously Tasty Recipes That'll Blow Your Mind, But Not Your Diet new cookbook Greta Podleski
Well, I have just read about it but I have not put my hands on it yet. Greta Podleski of the sister duo that included Greta and Janet Podleski and the beloved Looneyspoons and Crazy Plates lighthearted cookbook series is back with a new cookbook called Yum & Yummer: Ridiculously Tasty Recipes That'll Blow Your Mind, But Not Your Diet. The news was too delicious not to share even though I have not actually seen the book yet.

The previous cookbooks contained excellent recipes. I hope this new one holds up as well.  Podleski spent the last 15 months working on it and the description says that it includes healthy versions of comfort foods, some treats and gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan recipes that are “ridiculously tasty and will blow your mind, but not your diet.”

Apparently, this cookbook contains videos for every recipe. Here's the short and simple video for the Asian Chicken Wrap recipe:

If you are interested, you can currently find the cookbook on by clicking right here. It would make a great gift idea for anyone who loved the previous books or who is looking for a new source of inspiration in the kitchen. If you already own it and have tested a couple of the recipes, be sure to let us know how they worked out for you!

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The Best-Ever Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe

Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe

Here's An Easy, Delicious & Nutritious Egg Salad Sandwich For You and Your Family

We've been eating this super delicious egg salad sandwich for almost twenty-five years. It is without question the best sandwich that we make and it is most definitely a family favorite.

The recipe makes enough egg salad for two or three sandwiches but I never make just one batch. Instead, I double or triple the recipe. I encourage you to do the same if you and your family love egg salad. It takes only a minute longer and you will have plenty of egg salad sandwiches to go around.

Our recipe is a bit lighter in calories and fat and a little lighter tasting than a traditional egg salad made with just mayonnaise. We actually prefer it this way and I am thrilled to serve a more nutritious egg salad sandwich recipe to my family and now to share it with you.


Egg Salad Sandwich RecipeIngredients for the Dressing:

1/4 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup plain lowfat or nonfat yogurt
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

Ingredients for the Salad:

3 chopped hard-boiled eggs
2 tbsps chopped scallions
1/4 cup chopped tomato (optional)


In a small bowl, mix together the dressing ingredients.

Assemble the salad ingredients and add 1/4 to 1/3 cup of the dressing. The remaining dressing can be used on the bread.

Makes 2 to 3 sandwiches.

You can add other cold foods to your egg salad. Consider lettuce, pickles, pickle relish, capers, cucumber, lentils, peas, beans, olives, peppers and even cottage cheese.

Westmark Egg Slicer

The Westmark Egg Slicer

Makes Egg Salad EASY


An egg slicer certainly makes the job of chopping eggs fast and easy. This one is by Westmark and is, quite simply, Amazon's best egg slicer. Customers say things like, "After reading many reviews, in particular, Cook's Illustrated, I decide to go with this one. I'm pleased that I did" and "Very happy with my decision. It seems quite sturdy, and does a beautiful job."

Click here to order your Westmark Egg Slicer from Amazon.

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See you
in the kitchen!

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