Is Your Summer Dinner Menu Crawling with ~~ Ants!?!

Mine is. Crawling with ants that is.  But before you run away, you should check out A Complete Make-Ahead Summer Dinner Menu and you'll see that the ants couldn't get any cuter!  Whether you like your ants really obvious,

Or you like them a bit more subtle,


you will enjoy the antson the dishes at this picnic! Even if you don't like ants or red gingham, you're bound to enjoy the recipes included in my summer dinner menu.  Summertime is coming and for me, that means potato salad, baked ham and country seed bread. As an added pleasure, we'll also be enjoying a tall cold Hawaiian punch!

Won't you join us at A Complete Make-Ahead Summer Dinner Menu to see what's cooking?


Follow these links to the recipes:

* the complete summer dinner menu.
* the Hawaiian potato salad recipe.
* the delicious baked ham recipe.
* the country seed bread recipe.
* the Hawaiian punch recipe.

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