Turkey Leftover Recipe

'Tis the season for turkey leftovers at least it is if you live in the United States!

My American friends celebrated with their Thanksgiving holiday yesterday.

Most of them ate turkey, with some of them cooking it for themselves, some of them having a family member cooking for them and some of them purchasing a turkey dinner.

How ever it is that you came to have your abundance of turkey, you may now be in the market for a turkey leftover recipe and I think a turkey pot pie is a grand idea.

You could use my The Best-Ever Chicken Pot Pie recipe and substitute turkey and turkey broth.  I think it would be just as good and possibly even better with turkey.

Be warned that making a chicken or turkey pot pie from scratch is a time consuming process but the results will definitely be well worth it! This pot pie definitely fits my definition of comfort food. Toss a quick salad and you have a savoury leftover dinner that is worthy of company or of family gatherings.

Looking For A Yummy Summer Dinner Menu?

Summer Dinner MenuAre you looking for a yummy summer dinner menu?  You'll find one on my page, Complete Make-Ahead Summer Dinner Menu & Recipes. It includes information about and links to my favorite recipes including:

The Best-Ever Hawaiian Potato Salad which has regular potato salad ingredients and a few bonus items. We love it, it is delicious and nutritious!

The Best-Ever Glazed Baked Ham which is actually a really easy recipe. There is nothing like a slice of ham baked with the bone-in. You will feel like you have encountered a slice of heaven.

The Best-Ever Country Seed Bread is a bread machine recipe that features flax seed, sesame seed, poppy seed and even whole wheat flour. It is our BEST bread machine recipe.  (If you don't count the cinnamon rolls...)

The Best-Ever Hawaiian Punch is a punch recipe that is absolutely delicious, with or without the rum and it has absolutely NO relationship to Punchy of canned Hawaiian Punch fame. This recipe contains REAL fruit juice, a bit of grenadine and ginger ale. Perfect for summertime sipping.

On my summer dinner page, you will also find some fantastic red and white gingham accessories and some ants, the kind you might welcome on your picnic. You'll also find a summer music recommendation and a couple of fantastic summer and barbecue aprons.

I hope the information I have gathered helps you put together an absolutely delicious summer dinner!


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