How To Organize Your Recipes

If you are like me, your recipes may be a bit out of control. Once upon a time, I had mine all nicely organized in a simple blue binder but now, due to the fact that I have an ever growing collection of favorites and perhaps because I do not put my recipes away when I am finished with them, they are not quite so organized.

My friend Susan has written a page called Collecting and Organizing Family Favorite Recipes, which shares a few greet ways to get organized as well as a few links to her favorite recipes, available online. If you do take a peek, check out Susan's poll about how people organize their recipes. It is noteworthy that the most votes goes to, "Sort of. They're here and there. I can find the recipe I'm looking for most of the time."  That's where I would vote, except I have to admit that occasionally I lose a recipe.

I love the customizable binder (shown here) that Susan found from the artists at Zazzle. In about a minute, I customized it with our family name...and I like that it can even have a picture of the cook on the front, making it a great gift for a Mom or Grandma.  I have not ordered mine yet but I am thinking that having such an attractive binder would be a little added inspiration for me to put the recipe away when I am done with it...

How about you? Are you recipes organized and easy to find? What method do you use to store your favorites?


Quick Links:

Visit Susan's page about collecting and organizing recipes.
Order your personalized recipe binder from Zazzle.


  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog post, Brenda! The binder looks gorgeous with your name on it and yes, it's so very easy to customize.

    Organizing recipes can be a huge challenge, but I agree that having a binder like this one would be a great incentive. What a family heirloom that could become, too!

  2. You are right, as always, Susan. It would be great to do up your grandmother or mother's recipes and put them in a binder as a family treasure.


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