Feeling Hungry? Check Out These Great Recipes on Squidoo

Writer KimGiancaterino created Culinary Favorites From A to Z in March, 2008, to showcase new recipes and food pages on Squidoo. She grew it carefully into a group with more than 880 food themed pages, visiting and commenting on every single one. There are so many great recipe pages on Squidooo that it has become impossible to showcase them all on that page and so I thought I'd pick a few to share with you today.

Monarch13's Kitchen Decorating with Chili Peppers ~ Muy Caliente
is a feast for the eyes AND tells you how to roast peppers if you've ever wanted to try doing so.

Ramkitten's Huevos Rancheros: Breakfast (Or Dinner) At Our House is a lens PACKED with personal writing and homemade photos. I've invited myself over for eggs!

A fan of before and after photos? Well then you'll want to check out Stargazer's Greek Roasted Chicken! The photos definitely sold me on this recipe!

Squidoo newcomer LauraFincannon's Beignet - French Doughnuts  is a yummy look at French doughnuts.

ArtSiren tells you how to make your own curry powder! If you are a fan of curries, making your own powder makes sense.

I'll leave you with these tasty pages  to think about and promise to be back with more!


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