Make Coffee With A French Press

This weekend, we purchased a Bodum Chambord French Press coffee maker. My husband had fond memories of a tiny french press style coffeemaker he had owned previously and so we picked this Bodum up to try out while we had extra coffee drinkers visiting for the weekend.

Well, it turned out that making French Press coffee is very EASY and the result was a delicious cup of coffee. Our new 3-cup Bodum is definitely a keeper. It made three smallish cups of coffee, which was enough to give each of our house guests a taste, but it will actually be perfect for when we are home alone since I don't drink coffee and it will yield about two generous cups of coffee for my husband.

Bodum is actually a well-made brand of French Press coffee maker. It is one of Starbuck's recommended presses and is widely available in three sizes including 3-cups, 8-cups and 12-cups, so you can pick your press according to how much coffee you want to be able to make at a time.

To find the recipe and instructions we used this weekend to brew our coffee, visit my new page How To Make Coffee With A French Press.

To order your own French Press coffee maker directly from Amazon where it is on sale and eligible for FREE shipping, click here.

And, no matter how you make it, here's to a great cuppa coffee!


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