Food Truck Fight Starring The Swedish Chef and Gordon Ramsay

In my tradition of sharing Swedish Chef cooking videos, I bring you this new Muppet video that pits the Swedish Chef against Gordon Ramsay in a Muppisode called, "Food Truck Fight."

It's made even funnier given my recent obsession with the proliferation of new and interesting food trucks in the city of Ottawa where I live in Canada.

My family teases me that I'm all talk and no action though when it comes to food trucks but I did make it to Ottawa's Red Roaster this fall and thoroughly loved the treat, sitting on a park bench in the Glebe with a couple of delicious pulled pork tacos dripping between my fingers...

Anyway, I digress. Whether or not you embrace the culture of street food I know you will enjoy the Swedish Chef and Gordon Ramsay in this video so, without futher ado, I bring you the Food Truck Fight, starring the Swedish Chef and Gordon Ramsay:

Were you surprised by the outcome? And what did you think of Miss Piggy's cupcake?!?

See you
at the food truck!

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