Host A Chocolate Fondue Party With Our Recipe & The Best Fondue Pot

It's been a while since we've had a chocolate fondue but that's not because we don't love it. A couple of years ago, we discovered the simplest recipe possible for chocolate fondue and you will be pleasantly surprised when you discover that it really is easy to pull together a magnificent fondue for your lover or your family, or both.

Our best-ever chocolate fondue recipe can be found by clicking right here.  On this page, however, we want to share two of the best chocolate fondue makers and a fondue cookbook that we have discovered.

The first fondue pot is the Cuisinart Chocolate Fondue Maker, which is Amazon's Best Fondue Maker.  The Amazon customer reviews voted this fondue pot to the top of the list and that is not surprising, given comments like, "Just plug it in, turn the knob to the setting you desire and put in the fondue" and "It heats evenly and quickly" and the nonstick surface means that "absolutely nothing sticks."  Nothing is perfect, but after reading the reviews, this is would be my choice of fondue pot. You can read all of the Amazon customer reviews for yourself by clicking right here.  Right now, Amazon has this fondue pot marked down by 58 percent and they will ship it to you for free.

We have to admit though that we love the Emile Henry Fondue maker, too.  It is another quality product, albeit a bit more expensive, but in our minds, the color makes it perfect for a romantic or even a Christmas time fondue.  Amazon customer Nicole  A. Stewart summed it up nicely when she said she hosted a fondue party using three types of fondue makers and that "the Emile Henry pot cooked the best, by far."  You can read for yourself the Emile Henry Fondue Maker reviews by clicking right here

Of course, if you are own a fondue pot, you will want a fabulous fondue cookbook.  Whether or not you are familiar with The Melting Pot fondue restaurants, you might want to try out  The Melting Pot  cookbook, Dip Into Something Different, which was the top-rated fondue cookbook a couple of years ago when we shared our chocolate fondue recipe online, and, apparently, still is.   You can read more about this cookbook by clicking right here.

Is there a fondue in your future?

See you in the kitchen!

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