What's Your Favorite Summer Salad Recipe?

There's nothing that says summer to me more than a SUMMER SALAD. Whether that be a crisp green salad, a potato salad, a macaroni salad or even a fruit salad, enjoying salad is one of the pleasures of summer for me although I do, of course, eat salad all year long.

It is a nice bonus, of course, that my family LOVES a salad, too because then not only am I feeding them but I am usually feeding them nutritious food for even when I make pasta salad, I try to make sure it is loaded with fresh vegetables.

To celebrate our love of salad, I have prepared a resource page that will lead you to a wonderful selection of summertime salads. You can visit it by clicking right here.

How about you? Do you love salad? What's your favorite kind of salad?


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The Best-Ever Summer Salad Recipe Collection

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