M and M Cookies for Christmas

Last year I had some difficulty locating the red and green Christmas colored M&Ms for my Christmas themed M&M cookies so this year I picked them up early when I saw them. However, this year making the cookies is proving even MORE difficult, if you can believe that.

Our kitchen is under renovation. At this very moment the contractor is removing my kitchen floor, all four layers of it.  That means we don't have a stove -- at least one plugged into electricity -- and we won't have one until next Thursday when the new floor will be installed.  After that, it will still be a while before the kitchen is put back together. We'll be waiting on a new countertop, plumbing, etc. but at least I might possibly still be able to put together a batch of these cookies in time for the return of my grown sons for Christmas.

If you're having any trouble finding Christmas colored M&Ms, I've found them right here on Amazon.


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The Best M&M Cookies Recipe.

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