Looking For French Fry Recipes? Add A French Fry Cookbook To Your Collection!

Of course it really came as no surprise that there are a number of cookbooks dedicated entirely to French fry recipes. 

The book shown here is French Fries by Zac Williams. It promises recipes for ordinary French fries like "Drive-in French Fries" as well as for more unusual French fries like Parmesan,  Pataje Oorlog, pesto and sweet potato fries though of course, sweet potato fries are actually quite trendy right now and fairly widely available. It even promises dessert fries called Chocolate Fries though I will admit that those don't appeal to me at all.

It sounds like this book lives up to Amazon's tagline, "new twists for a tasty favorite" but since I haven't seen this book yet myself, I've turned to the Amazon customer reviews to see if it might be a good one to add to our cookbook collections. I found largely positive reviews, with the one detractor complaining that the book did not cover enough gourmet styles of fries.  I encourage you to read the reviews for yourself if you are looking for a good French fry cookbook.

If you are looking for new ideas to try when you make home cooked fries, it sounds like this cookbook will have a number of interesting recipes for you to taste test.  Just don't make French fries a daily habit as tempting as that might be!

French Fry Day!

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