This Week In Brenda's Kitchen...A Glossy Cobalt Blue & Amber Vase

As an eBay seller, I have taken to picking up some really interesting kitchen items and just thought that I could be sharing them here with you on Culinary Favorites From A to Z.

I've proven somewhat accidentally that my recent and fairly neutrally renovated kitchen suits many color schemes.  When we were planning our kitchen we knew this would be possible but did not realize that I would be proving it with my eBay merchandise.

Many of the kitchen accessories I bring home wind up 'liking' my kitchen or I should say I wind up liking them and wanting to keep them.  However, I do not have the space to keep all of my finds so I display them on my counter for awhile, until the item sells or until I find another one and change it up.

This week's kitchen accessory is this gorgeous glossy cobalt blue vase. I used to like a more country blue like a wedgwood blue but of late I find myself drawn to cobalt blue. This vase is rustic and not perfect but it is very nice, at least to me. I love the colors and the high gloss finish. I think it would be gorgeous holding a large bouquet of flowers, being a receptacle for a host of kitchen tools or simply dressing up my family room mantle.

Do you like blue in the kitchen? Are you liking this unique vase as much as I am?

See you
in the kitchen!

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Check out this cobalt blue vase in my eBay store.

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