Personalized Kitchen Labels For Christmas Baking

Those of you who do lots of Christmas baking and share it with friends and family need to own some of these wonderful, personalized From The Kitchen Of stickers or labels.

We found them here on Zazzle and we love how easy they are to customize. You can see on this label that we inserted the name of this blog, 'Culinary Favorites' though it is just as easy to put in your own name like Mrs. Claus, Mrs. Miracle or Martha Stewart or whatever your name just happens to be.  They would also be a great way to coordinate the baked goods at a community bake sale table.

We love the cheerful colors, the baking tools image and the slight retro feel of the tools and colors chosen in this design. How about you?

See you
in the kitchen!

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Buy your own personalized kitchen labels.

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