Hogsback Beer, The Dragon's Den & A Yummy Winter Menu Plan

We read with interest this week in our local newspaper, the Ottawa Citizen, that an Ottawa microbrewer, Hogsback Brewing, would be appearing on this week's version of the CBC television series the Dragon's Den.

In July, Hogsback Brewing went to the Dragons with the goal of obtaining investment capital from one of the Dragons to help increase the market for Hogsback's craft brew across Canada. The results of that visit will finally be know this week. However, I understand that simply appearing on the show may give a significant boost to the brewer's reputation and, as the newspaper says, "help them sell more suds." I certainly hope they were successful

After reading about the program, I headed straight for the LCBO and picked up some Hogsback Vintage Lager.  The newspaper said that Hogsback shipped two months worth of brew in anticipation of appearing on this week's television broadcast though, if they did, it was not readily apparent on the near-empty shelves of my LCBO. Nevertheless, I secured a few cans of the beer to serve to my dinner guests and I went home to make a menu plan based around this beer.

We wound up serving a simple but yummy, if I do say so myself, dinner menu that included a green salad, a basic beef stew, country seed bread and chocolate cake. We started our dinner by opening a beer and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

The Hogsback website calls the vintage ale an European-style lager that is crisp and flavourful. I really liked it and can even say that I liked it as much as I like Keith's India Pale Ale, the usual choice I would make if I had a beer.  I will definitely be buying more Hogsback Vintage Lager in the future.

How about you? Do you enjoy beer from a local craft brewery? We're certainly experiencing an explosion of craft breweries in Ottawa.

See you in
the kitchen!

(Sorry about the empty cans in the picture. It never occurred to me to take a photograph until after the fact!)

Quick Links:

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