Five Fun Inexpensive Kitchen Gifts For Men

If you are looking for a fun, practical and inexpensive kitchen gift for a man in your life and are looking to spend $20 or less, you will appreciate the five items that I found on my search for the same. Whether it is for a Secret Santa, Christmas, stocking stuffer, birthday, workplace, thank you or other gift exchange, you will find some fun and interesting options, all guaranteed to make you smile, right here on this page. Best of all, they are all suitable for men both young and old and they are all easily purchased from Amazon so that you can find your gift item without leaving the comfort of home!

First up is a very interesting cookbook called Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need. Written by Ryan D'Agostino, it offers up an interesting collection of recipes and has real food that men love to eat and wish that they knew how to cook. It includes recipes for soups, chicken and beef dishes, pizza, eleven types of hamburgers and more. Amazon calls this cookbook satisfying, sexy, definitive and doable and the customer reviews are solid. What more could a man want in a cookbook? Learn more or order your copy of Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need from Amazon by clicking right here.

Next is a simple bottle opener, which is definitely a practical gift but also a fun one. It is a stainless steel card themed, credit-card sized opener. Perfect for the card shark in your life! Not only is it suitable for a man's kitchen but it is equally at home wherever he hangs out be it in the man cave, bar, game room, cabin or cottage. It's slim and easily slips into your pocket if you are on the move. The best part? It's attractive and retails for considerably less than $10, which makes it a good gift idea and a great stocking stuffer, too.   You can find this clever bottle opener on Amazon here.

How about an apron? If the man on your list loves his BBQ, then this apron is a great choice.  I'm pretty sure my own personal grill master would love to own it.  You can find the Grill Master: The Man The Myth The Legend Apron on Amazon by clicking here. Yes, it is under our $20 goal and yes, it has top notch Amazon customer reviews with customers saying things like "he won't barbecue without it" and "cute apron or, rather, masculine and sexy apron."

Since bacon is hugely trendy right now you might consider the unusual  and definitely unique gift idea of bacon-covered chocolate. Marini's bacon-covered chocolate, which is shown here, is dipped in yummy Ghiredelli Chocolate. Noteworthy is the fact that it is Amazon's top-rated chocolate covered bacon. It is a novelty gift item that will surely generate conversation. Find Marini's bacon-covered chocolate on Amazon here.
Many men, I am sure not just the men in my family, love duct tape. It's an important part of their lives. It can be used to hold things together short or long term. My father-in-law actually had duct tape on his car bumper when I met him and my oldest son for years carried a wallet hand crafted by himself from his favourite colour of duct tape. Therefore, it only makes sense that a man would love a duct tape-themed coffee mug like this one.  If you know the king of duct tape or at least someone who uses it and laughs about it or thinks he is the king of duct tape, then this would be a great gift item. Heck you could even add a couple of rolls of duct tape to this gift idea and still be under our $20 budget! And yes, in our family it is more than OKAY to give the gift of duct tape at Christmastime, LOL.  You can find this duct tape mug on Amazon by clicking here.

I am wife to a man who prefers not to spend much time in the kitchen cooking though he does not mind cleaning up after someone else cooks his meals and I am mom to two twenty-something year old men who have flown the coop.  My sons were quite well trained in regard to the kitchen even if I do say so myself and they have a fair amount of cooking ability. More importantly, they do not mind being in the kitchen. I know that all three of the men in my life would enjoy receiving any of the fun kitchen-themed gifts on this page although the cookbook would not be a very practical gift choice for my husband.

See you
in the kitchen!

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