Martha Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres and Drew Barrymore Cook Up Some Fun In The Kitchen

As part of the promotion for her new book, Martha Stewart appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show with Drew Barrymore.  Together they had a bit of fun creating recipes from Martha Stewart's Appetizers: More than 200 Recipes. The cookbook shares recipes for dips, spreads, snacks, small plates and other delicious hors d'oeuvres plus 30 cocktails.  Mostly, Martha led the way and Ellen and Drew had fun. I do wish I had been there to join in the fun.

Here's the video so that you can check out the fun for yourself. It is just over 7 minutes long and shares the ideas though not exactly the recipes that are included in the video.

If after watching you decide you'd like to try some of those recipes, you'll find the cookbook on Amazon by clicking right here. I don't normally prepare many appetizers but I would love to try these recipes. They all look tasty and I think it would be fun to put guests work in the kitchen creating them with a glass of Martha's apple cider sangria in hand. The recipe for which is in the book, of course.

See you
in the kitchen!

Quick Links:

Find Martha Stewart's Appetizers on Amazon.
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  1. I love appetizers and occasionally make a meal of them, so I know I'd put this cookbook to use. Not sure I'd have THAT much fun in the kitchen, though, unless these three happened to stop by!

  2. I love appetizers, too though I don't make them very often. I do frequently order an appetizer or two in plaze of a meal at a restaurant.


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