The Looneyspoons Collection Cookbook Review

It's been since November 25, 2011, that we have been using and LOVING the new Looneyspoons Collection cookbook by Janet and Greta Podleski. While every meal that we have eaten since then has definitely NOT come from a cookbook (that would be too amazing), the meals that we have had from a cookbook have mostly been from The Looneyspoons Collection and, without exception, they have been delicious.

Perhaps my favorite recipe is cunningly called Thai One On and is an "exotic sweet potato and coconut soup with shrimp." The next time we try it, it will be without shrimp, to better suit my husband's dietary needs. However, if you like Thai cuisine, you will want to try this soup.

More suited to my husband's requirements is the Salmon Cowell recipe for grilled salmon in an orange-ginger marmelade. YUMMY. The doctor says to eat fish three times a week. If we had this salmon recipe every time, that would be no problem.

We've enjoyed the Hot Fudge Monday, a "heavenly fudgy cake smothered in a hot, chocolatey sauce." Really a pudding cake by another name, it was delicious and it was my grown sons' first experience with the interesting phenomenon that is pudding cake.

Finally, we took the Merry Cherry Cheesecake to my brother and sister-in-law's home as our contribution to dinner one night just before Christmas. It was lighter than the traditional no-bake cheesecake and it was lemony, too. The recipe was perfect for a crowd, feeding nine of us with leftovers for the hosts after we departed.

We love the educational tidbits strewn throughout the book as well as the cartoons. To see a few of them, why not 'like' our Facebook page, Culinary Favorites From A to Z, and share the fun!

Would we recommend The Looneyspoons Collection? DEFINITELY. We've loved the cookbooks and the recipes by Janet and Greta Podleski since their very first cookbook was released. 

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