The Big Cook Cookbook Review

It's National Frozen Food Day. This is one holiday that my husband will not clamour to enjoy the way he does when it is National Chocolate Cake Day or National Banana Bread Day. 

We're not big fans of prepared frozen food because of the extra ingredients, calories and sodium often found in it.  I try not to buy too much convenience food but I will admit to buying some. However, the frozen food that we really, really like is homemade and we're having a bit of fun with this somewhat hard-to-find cookbook: The Big Cook

The Big Cook was written by Deanna Siemens, Lorelei Thomas and Joanne Smith. It is one of those books that, when used according to plan, will allow you to prepare 200 meals in a day. I've never done that but I have tried a few recipes from this cookbook and love how it enables me to go to the freezer and remove a package with a meal already prepared.

My son's favorite of the recipes we have tried is the hamburger soup and I apologize, Ian, for not making it the last time you were home from university.  Ian loves homemade soup and really dislikes the cafeteria soup at his university so a hot bowl of hamburger soup would have been a great meal when he was here for reading week, but I digress.

THE BIG COOK is available on and  It is a bit hard to find which, unfortunately has driven the price up. However, if you are looking for a guide to help you "fill your freezer with delicious, nutritious main-course meals" you might want to consider this cookbook.

See you 
in the kitchen!

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