The Asparagus Festival Cookbook

It will soon be asparagus time, a time when you want to embrace fresh, locally grown asparagus.

You might like to add The Asparagus Festival Cookbook to your collection before the asparagus arrives.

The write up for this book says that asparagus deserves a cult following and I agree. Asparagus is a very nutritious vegetable full of vitamins, minerals and fiber and lacking in sodium. Not only is it good for you but it is delicious, too and very easy to prepare. 

Stockton California held its first ever Asparagus Festival in 1986 and thousands of asparagus fans showed up. The highlight, they say, was the tent called Asparagus Alley where you could EAT asparagus. The Asparagus Festival Cookbook shares some of the prize-winning recipes from the cook offs at the festival.

A new paperback copy retails for $7 from Amazon, less than that from third party sellers and only pennies more for the Kindle version.

I welcome spring with open arms...and a serving of fresh asparagus!


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