The Carrot Cookbook

We all know that carrots are nutritious and this cookbook will help you get more carrots into your diet and onto your menu plan.

Within the 171 pages, you will find recipes for carrot marmalade, a chilled soup, mulled carrot drink, carrot fudge, chili con carrot, carrot stroganoff, boeuf en daube and more. You will also find information about growing carrots and about the nutritional value of carrots.

The Carrot Cookbook is an older cookbook, having been written by Audra Hendrickson and published in 1987, but it is still readily available from the sellers on Amazon ranging in price from less than a dollar for a used copy to about $30 for a new one.  If you're looking to enlarge your collection of carrot recipes, this is one to try out.

See you
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